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Membership Registration

Welcome, let's go racing! Please fill out the form below to purchase your I.O.D.A. Membership for the 2023 race season. All race participants must purchase a membership prior to competing with I.O.D.A.

Please Note: Memberships are valid for one calendar year and are non-refundable and non-transferable.

All Co-drivers are required to complete a separate membership registration. For drivers that are competing in a youth designated class - there is no membership fee, parents carry the membership and will have voting rights for them. 


Please pay online or send a check. Please make out checks to: International Offroad Drivers Association (IODA) Please mail to: E8761 Manske Rd. New London, WI

There are four different membership types. Please see each defined below.

*Note, restricted areas include: track, staging, and tech.

Full Season Membership: N/A

  • Entry wristband for 1 Driver and 1 Floater (ex. Spotter, Pit Member, etc) for entire season

  • Access into Restricted Areas

  • Season Pit Campsite/Stall

  • Physical Rulebook

  • Voting Rights

Singular Weekend Membership: $150

  • Entry wristband for 1 Driver and 1 Floater (ex. Spotter, Pit Member, etc) for 1 weekend only

  • Access into Restricted Areas

  • Weekend Pit Campsite/Stall

  • NOT included: Voting Rights

*Note: If racer decides to run all year, $150 will be subtracted from the Full Season Membership Total ($500).

Co-Driver Weekend Pass: $100

  • Pit Pass wristband 

  • Access to Restricted Areas

  • One Time Membership - charged per weekend

Pit Pass Entry: $50 - For any additional pit members (aside from Driver & Floater) that need access to restricted areas

  • Access to Restricted Areas

  • One Time Pass - charged per weekend

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